Jal Mahal Water Palace Opens Autumn 2011 in the ‘Pink City’ of Jaipur, as a wave of new openings continues

As autumnal weather threatens to arrive earlier than ever, I can’t wait to plan my next trip to India. And top of my list is Jaipur, Rajasthan.
There’s been a buzz of new  openings in ‘The Pink City’ from new chic clothing boutiques, such as Hot Pink to interior design stores, Akfd Studio, as well as the ultra modern Devi Ratn hotel and the white cube  Rasa tents.
This Autumn will not disappoint. Jal Mahal Water Palace, previously sinking and left to ruin, has been restored to its former glory and will open as a cultural exhibition space.

Jal Mahal Palace, Man Sagar Lake, Jaipur courtesy of Jal Mahl Resorts PVT Ltd.

Once the preserve of the Jaipur royal family, duck shooting parties and revelry have given way to cobwebs and neglect. So I was thrilled to hear that a savvy partnership between Jal Mahal Resorts PVT Ltd and the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation has devised a sound rescue and restoration operation.
Calling on an army of skilled art historians, conservation architects, local craftsmen, international horticultural and water treatment experts, it has taken six years to get this monument back into shape and rejuvenate the lake.

Artist at work, Jal Mahal Interiors, courtesy of Jal Mahal Resorts PVT Ltd.

The palace will now shows the finest in Jaipur’s decorative arts and the lake is teeming with marine life once more.

Flamingos on Man Sagar Lake

The experience will begin with a boat-ride across the lake and ends with a moment for contemplation in a scented 18th Century Rajput style Chameli Bagh (Jasmine Garden).

View from Chameli Bagh of Man Sagar Lake courtesy of Jal Mahal Resorts PVT Ltd.

It looks like the ideal place to escape the heat and dust of the city, and a bargain to boot, charging $1 Dollar per person. We just need the doors to open… stay tuned for the official date.

Visiting hours are from 9.30 am – 5.30pm.

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