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The Indian monsoon season is well under way and there is no better time to visit for a dose of health and wellbeing. The monsoon climate means cheaper flights and less crowded sights as well as being the optimum environment in which to experience the curative effects of a Yoga and Ayurveda retreat. The humidity of the climate during the monsoon period helps the body become more receptive to herbal oil therapies and more flexible when practicing yoga techniques, making it the perfect season to escape day-to-day life for a holistic sanctuary on the subcontinent.

Situated on the sacred OM beach and near the small Hindu temple town of Gorkana, SwaSwara Health & Wellbeing Retreat is surrounded by 26 acres of lush greenery, which offers ample opportunity for meditative moments, be it gentle hill walks, art therapy or culinary workshops. Yoga gurus and trained therapists are on hand to ensure that guests are involved in the perfect activities to suit their needs, be it Ayurveda massage, meditation or yogic cleansing rituals, so that all guests will leave relaxed and rejuvenated.

About daltonkakoty

I am Director of a specialist travel PR Agency, Dalton Kakoty PR, www.daltonkakotypr.com, which specialises in luxury travel to India and the subcontinent. I am passionate about all things related to my motherland - be it heritage, culture, cuisine, spas, safari and sport (i.e. cricket!)
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