The Time Has Come, SUJÁN’s Sher Bagh Reopens For The 2014-2015 Season…And It’s Better Than Ever


Sher Bagh has raised the bar of luxury in Rathambhore

Finally we have arrived at the reopening of SUJÁN’s luxury tented camp, Sher Bagh, – Ranthambhore’s original safari camp – for the new 2014-2015 season.


The 4×4 Jeeps provide comfort and safety. They come with the latest field guides and cosy blankets.

Ranthambore is perhaps one of the prettiest parks in India and there’s nothing quite like trundling through the jungle spying tigers resting in abandoned temples, and watching idle crocodiles basking in a sunny spot by a lake.


Sher Bagh’s suites have been furnished with impressive 19th century ‘campaign’ furniture

During the calm of the off-season, Sher Bagh has undergone a dramatic renovation of its accommodation offering, raising the bar of luxury in Ranthambhore.  As well as refurbishing the camp’s five-star tents with enlarged en-suite bathrooms, Sher Bagh introduces two new suites.


Sher Bagh’s hand-crafted swimming pool overlooks the sprawling landscape of Ranthambhore

12Sher Bagh-Jungle Spa

The SUJÁNspa offers relaxation, revitalisation and refreshment to all guests

The Royal Suite spans 4,500 square feet and comprises a private heated swimming pool, and outdoor decking areas.  The Luxury Suite offers a Jacuzzi, outdoor shower and walled garden that covers a space of 2500 square feet.  Both of these suites include a personal butler service and are appointed with private pergolas that offer both dining and spa areas (new pictures to come).

Sher Bagh also features a handcrafted swimming pool and SUJÁN spa, which provide welcome respite after a day’s game drive

Tigers in Ranthambhore bathe in the shadow of the magnificent temples and forts

Tigers bathe in the shadow of Ranthambhore’s magnificent temples and forts

Sher Bagh’s encampment is the perfect base from which to see the region’s abundance of flora & fauna.  In the previous season, tiger sightings at Ranthambhore were recorded at 81% with guests of Sher Bagh seeing at least two tigers per day on average, in addition to regular sightings of leopard and sloth bears.


The fleet of customised 4×4 Jeeps have been extended to 6 and come equipped with binoculars, guidebooks and accessories for serious photographers. Guests are also given the opportunity to see the local surroundings on an accompanied tour of Ranthambhore Fort.

Additionally, guests at Sher Bagh can make a short walk to Dastkar, a woman’s cooperative that helps local village women with gainful

employment through creative fabric design, embroidery and other crafts.


Dastkar is a women’s cooperative that supports local village women with gainful employment through fabric design, embroidery and other crafts

Each of Sher Bagh’s excursions is tailor made to suit every guest, and SUJÁN’s team of attentive and highly knowledgeable staff and historians are always on hand to make guests’ stay as enriched and rewarding as possible.

Sher Bagh's caring team will organise private dining and cultural excursions for any guest 

Sher Bagh’s caring team will organise private dining and cultural excursions for any guest


Sher Bagh also introduces an enticing new range of dishes, celebrating the halcyon days on the 1920s with the best loved recipes of the Raj. A refitted dining tent and other new private dining areas offer varied locations for guests to enjoy their meals.














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